Sunday, March 09, 2014

Poetry--blast from the past

My mom sent me an email with a poem she had found written by me in one of my notebooks. (Um, hopefully she did not find anything else really personal written in this notebook, ahem.)

 I cannot remember when I wrote this poem, but I can remember feeling this way for most of my teens and all of my 20's. It is a poem about feeling alone and noticing that the people around me had something that I did not, companionship.

Today, I am so thankful that I have this companionship. Even when Rob and I disagree or have our spats, I would not change it for the world. I love how Rob makes me think and challenges me. I love how we are real with each other and don't hold our cards back. We are now like the people I was envying in my poem.

Here is the poem from my adolescent / 20 something self:

Alone I sit by the kitchen table
Hearing voices from upstairs.
A Boy. A Girl. 
They banter back and forth
Each voice spurring the other to respond
The fragrance from their sweet
friendship wafts down to my apartment.
Their pointless chatter does not seem that meaningless...
shared with each other.

At this moment,
I too desire such a friendship
To spend time with someone
different than the rest.
We would spur each other on,
While falling deeper into our own haven
that only we would understand.
We would laugh, and then act silly.
Then dive into a serious banter
before going on a search for squirrels.

The time would fly
and our fragrant wafts would also fill the building
But we would not notice
In our indifference to everything except each other.

Alone I sit at the kitchen table.
Hearing voices from upstairs.


Ana said...

Wow this is awesome. God truly saw your heart desires and brought Rob to your life in an answer to your request; and without doubt Rob got a great gift by having you.

Carol said...

I love this poem! I'm so glad you kept it, now you and Rob can read it together and "laugh, and then act silly"! Super sweet!