Tuesday, March 11, 2014

"Can I Have and Do it All Please?" (a great read)

From the book Can I have and Do It All Please? by Christine Cain:

"Rather than appreciating every part of our life as a God-given season of preparation and molding, we can grow impatient and dissatisfied, especially when that particular season feels mundane, difficult, frustrating, or everlasting. The truth is that every single season--school, single hood, career, marriage, motherhood, even those that involve toilet brushes--is a gift from God. It's not a means to our "all," but rather part of it. That means every single one of us is living in a slice of our "all" at this very moment. When we grasp this thought, it will not only enable us to see the opportunities for learning and grown in this season, but also help us to embrace the exciting things that are going on right now. We need to love the season we're in whilst simultaneously keeping a fresh and expectant attitude about all that lies ahead" (Cain.)

This paragraph spoke powerfully to me. I feel like I am in a state of waiting--right now, waiting for that perfect job or at least some clear career direction. Sometimes it really does make it hard to enjoy the season I am in because I see it as a waiting time. But, I want to start to see it as a slice of the "all." This is not a holding ground for bigger and better things--this is a beautiful season and time to let my character develop and my roots go down deep in Him and His promises.

       Thankful today for a job with low stress and daily laughs.

    Thankful for an attentive husband who knows my faults and loves me the same.
    Thankful for friends who remind me to breathe and not take myself too seriously.

    Thankful for my Chinese friends and how easily we relate to each other.

 Thankful for a mom and dad who always like to read my stories.

   Thankful for free cafeteria lunch: chicken nuggets, chocolate milk, and ranch dressing.


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