Saturday, March 15, 2014

Conversations with Kindergarteners #4

Student while looking at my ring: Are you married two times?
Me: Oh, you mean because there are two rings together?
Student: Yeah.
Me: No, I received the first ring when my husband asked me to marry him and the second ring when we got married.

Student: Your hands are cool, but why are they so small?
Me: Well, that's how I was born. It's called a trait.  My mother and grandmother both have shorter fingers like this too.
Student: Whoa, cool.

Student: Did you know, I was born to run because my dad was a runner.
Another student: Yeah, me too. When I was born, I was running really fast.

Student: Why are you not wearing a hijab?
Me: Because I am not Muslim so I do not need to wear a hijab?
Student: Oh, are you American?
Me: Yes, but so are you. It has nothing to do with being an American.

All the below comments are from a student I lovingly refer to as "little Urkel" from the show Family Matters. This kindergartener is incredibly smart and remembers lots of random facts. He also has pretty thick glasses which adds to his persona.

           "Did you know that kangaroos lick themselves when they get too hot?"

           (While picking a spiderman sticker:)  "I'm going to pick this one, because I love doing yoga; sometimes stretching just feels good."

             "Did you know which shark has the strongest jaws of the ocean? It's the coral reef shark. It's jaws are so strong that if a sea turtle gets its flipper or tail in it's jaws, well, see you later turtle."

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