Tuesday, August 23, 2011

2 Random Videos

These videos are unique only in their lack of substance and a climax. But, since I'm a bit homesick for China recently, I really enjoy watching them.

Shane and I on a boat in _________ ? (Bonus points for whoever can guess the river we are on.)

Amber and I playing some oui at our dear friend's house. This friend would be considered part of the upper class in China. Both she and her husband have cars. Their apartment is big, completely furnished, decorated, and in one of the most expensive complexes in Hengyang.

P.S. My new favorite thing just might be posting videos.


Jenny - AKA - frogmama said...

I have Netflix and was looking for a Chinese movie that would be appropriate for my 9 year old to see (she loves seeing Chinese things, and hearing the language). She wanted to see that new Karate Kid movie (though we had to skip many scenes)... but one movie I saw was called "Hot Summer Days" . It was cute, and fairly appropriate for my daughter (but she'd probably get boerd). I was curious if you have seen it? Or Karate Kid for that matter. How do you respond to the Chinese culture depicted in the movies? I'm curious! (and if you have any movie suggestions for our family, please let us know!)

Portia said...

Good questions Jenny. One popular and appropriate for kids movie is called C7 (I think that's the name in English). It's about a little alien that comes to visit a young, outcast boy and becomes his good friend and inspiration. I think Chinese movies are, uh, interesting. It also seems like they often have sad endings. Another kind of action-packed, slap-stick comedy movie with Jackie Chang is called Baby's Plan. Let me know if you can find either of these or if you want some more suggestions. :)

Drew and Rachel said...

riveting vids!!!
there is a giant milk spill on the floor (thanks mike) and your vids helped me procrastinate the clean up, even if only for 61 seconds.

Chris and Sarah said...

Were you on the Li river?

Portia said...

Addington's, I do what I can to help out. Chris and Sarah, way to rock the answer! You are big winners of some abstract prize. Do you remember being on this same river with Amber and me nearly 4 years ago? Good times.