Thursday, February 03, 2011

To Do List

One semester left to go in China,
Here's the list of "to do's"

1. Host a hot pot party.
2. Stay for one full day and / or spend the night at the orphanage.
3. Visit the library on campus.
4. Go roller-skating (again).
5. Rent a bicycle. Ride it around. Buy some fruit.
6. Read the Dream of Red Mansions and walk around discussing it with people.
7. Stay in a hotel in Hengyang.
8. Go to a class picnic.
9. Attend one of Roger's classes.
10. Visit Wei Fei Fei's new house.
11. Visit Japan.
12. Start giving away stuff like crazy.
13. Host a game night.
14. Jog around the city.
15. Teach a class backwards. (Put the end of the class first. End the class with the introduction.)
16. Once the weather turns nice, dance once a week with the elderly ladies by the river.
Buckle up, Hengyang!


Norman & Joyce said...

Busy time. Go for it.

Erica T said...

An idea for giving away your stuff if you like: we held an "auction" where everyone was given "100 points". They could bid with their points on the things they wanted. That way, people were more likely to get stuff they really wanted. Some people bid all 100 points on something at the beginning, some bid by 10s and 20s and such. I had fun being the auctioneer. :) We also had free stuff that they could just take, wasn't worth bidding on (half-used shampoo bottles, etc). It was a fun party. :) What's up next for you?

Reflections said...

Please stay with a friend when you stay at a hotel. :)

I wish I could be there to enjoy your semester. Your list inspires me to start my own list for the next semester.

We will miss you but are excited about your adventures.

Portia said...

Love the auction idea Erica. I can see how that would make them feel more comfortable about taking the items too. Thanks for the encouragement Norm and Joyce. Mom, does an imaginary friend count?