Friday, April 04, 2008

musical surprise

This week-end is a festival in my hometown called Schmeckfest. . a German-tasting festival. Most of the people who have moved away from our community will come back every year for one of these 2 week-ends to eat a delicious meal of sour-kraut, cheese buttons, kuchen, home-made noodle soup, and cabbage (to name a few) and watch a musical performed by talented individuals in our community. I miss being able to attend this event, and my reality here, as of late, has been more difficult.

To be honest, I feel a little lonely for companionship. These past few week-ends have been filled with lesson planning and a lot of me time. Which is okay if I were somebody else, but I am getting a little tired of myself (is that okay to write in a blog?)

But, just now, I had a little gift. . from above I am sure. I was trying to shut one of the drawers in my apartment, and noticed that something had fallen behind it, making it impossible to close. So, I took out the drawer to see what was amuck. Guess what was preventing this drawer from shutting? That’s right. . a DVD of Fiddler on the Roof. . one of my favorite musicals ever. What a fun thing to have in the back-ground to keep me company. Traditiiioooonnnn. . . tradition!

Maybe I should explain why I feel a little lonely. Most of my time here in China has not felt this way. It’s a recent feeling, within the past month, and it stems from a combination of things. First, my language tutor and close friend has moved to Guangzhou for a job. We would usually hang out at least 2 times a week. In addition, the sophomore students whom I hung out with more last semester are frantically studying for the TEM-4…a standardized test that very literally determines their future. The Chinese teachers that I am friends with are helping their senior students write their thesis papers. And finally, the other single teacher on our team has a boyfriend and this takes up a lot more of her time. So, I feel quite relaxed, and for those of you who know how I like my personal time, well I am sure getting a good share of it right now.


Anonymous said...

thinking of you and I thought your story about finding the DVD of Fiddler was quite a neat sign - while you were missing schmeckfest the DVD shows up as a reminder that miracles happen.

Love ruth

dennis and Shirley said...

Hi Portia,
Yes we eat duck, but you are right that it is not a very popular food. Not many people raise duck for commercial sale. My mom happened to be very fond of the taste of duck, so we usually raised some ducks on the farm. In fact, it was quite a money making enterprise for my youngest brother James.
We have just returned from a 9 day "Mennonite your way" bus tour trip to Mexico. We enjoyed a very relaxing and educations time. I don't think I should start the travelog here and now!
With love, Dennis and Shirley

Michelle Sessoms said...

you found my Fiddler on the Roof!! Long story- my teammate (who used to live in your apartment like a bajillion years ago) borrowed my Fiddler on the Roof and then couldn't find it of my favorite movies ever! I'm so glad it has finally been found and that you were blessed with this. Hooray!