Saturday, March 08, 2014

A true story

Two week-ends ago I grabbed breakfast with a dear friend. After that, I ran to the mall for some mostly "window shopping." I enjoyed leisurely walking around the mall and people-watching. When I got back in my car, I noticed that someone had stuck an advertisement or something under my windshield wiper.  Hmm, cool. I thought, and I drove home. I forgot that it was stuck there until later when I was running errands with Rob. After getting out of the car, he grabbed the flyer to see what it was. It appeared to be a coupon for Green Acres snow tubing. 

"Wait, there's some writing on the back," I said to Rob, as I turned the coupon over.   To my shock and horror, someone had taken the time to scrawl this message to me about my parking job.

"Who takes the time to write such a message, and how did I park that was so offensive?" These thoughts were going through my mind a mile a minute. "Has anyone even seen the yellow parking lines in the past 3 months?  Minnesota nice? I think not. This kind of thing would never happen in South Dakota" and on and on my thoughts went.

But, the story is not over yet. Someone in my small group had already previously arranged for our group to go sledding at the very place this green coupon was for the next week-end.  And so, that following Friday I passed the coupon off to my friend, and she saved $1.00 on the evening of sledding.

I think I got the last laugh on that one.  

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Jen said...

Great story, Portia! Made David and I laugh. You did get the last laugh.