Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Making It

I almost didn't come in to work today; I was ready to call in and say I had come down with a kind of sickness that was mostly affecting my mental stability. But then I thought better of it.
So instead, I just made some very simple, attainable goals for the day. They are as follows:
1. Stay hydrated.
2. Don't lose your temper.
3. Smile at students that annoy you.

And here we are at lunchtime already, and I am still here, smiling a lot.


Jenny - AKA - frogmama said...

good! I think Satan likes to attack on days like that, don't you? I was having a day like that on Monday (we don't celebrate Halloween, so that day is always a bit tense for us). I was watching this guy's video on Halloween and came across this one that addresses these days... Hope you don't mind me sharing :)

Norman & Joyce said...

Simple goals help us get through difficult times.

Norman & Joyce said...

Sometimes, we just have to keep on smiling.