Saturday, November 05, 2011

Friends & Jogging

They say that in dating, we often end up with the person who, when we look to our right or our left, is that person running at the same speed and heading in the same direction as we are. I'd like to propose that this is also generally true for how we choose our close friends. Usually they end up becoming the people who are running beside us in similar life stages or heading in a similar life direction.

So I look to my left, and glance over my shoulder to my right, and there I see my fellow runners, my friends. All unique in their ideas, refined by their trials, shining in their faith. In their strengths, I see my weaknesses; I wonder if they have the same feelings when they look at me.
And I give them all mental high fives, and we keep on running, sometimes set back by life, sometimes slowing down to be redirected, but always making our way forward.

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Norman & Joyce said...

Wishing you a great run.