Thursday, November 10, 2011

In a Funk

Still feeling stuck and a bit discouraged. My friend keeps reminding me to live by faith and not sight. But both of them don't seem to be very promising options for the moment. 

I think sometimes people say "live by faith" to brush over genuine concerns or situations. Iwant to live by faith, but Ifeel like my faith is not so strong right now. Don't misunderstand me. Istill have faith, but it feels pelted with sharp little stones that have lodged themselves in my heart. 

So,I think for me, living by faith right now demands me to also take some action and make some choices that are going to help grow my faith. Iwant a changed perception to see my situation and Ialso want to steer my life, my thoughts in a new direction. Maybe my life is going a different direction than I thought at first and perhaps that's contributing to the "funk."But either way, I need to face it. 

I've been a bit vague in the past couple of posts. This is largely because I don't know why I am feeling in a funk, and I'm even more unclear of what or how I can get out of it.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, boy, even the computer you were using seemed to sense the mood. Sometimes our time in the down and outs are a season in time. The reasons aren't always visible at the moment. It is always good when we are on the other side looking back wondering why we felt so down. rs