Saturday, November 12, 2011


This evening, I was talking with a girl who is really involved in small groups at church. She also works full time and goes to school. "How do you accomplish all these things and still do life?" I asked her?
"Well, when you do things that are purposeful and meaningful, you don't feel tired; you feel refreshed" she answered.
I agree with her, and now I find myself looking at my life, my schedule, and wondering...why do I feel so tired? What are the things that I'm doing without a purpose? How can I eliminate those things and replace them with things that are going to be purposeful?.
And so I am challenged this month, to replace all the time I spend worrying with activities that are going to bring joy and give life.


Jenny - AKA - frogmama said...

Those are really wise words! Very similar to a post I read a day or two ago at Keeper of the Home about making the most of your time. (the comments were almost as good as the post!)

It is hard to determine what is purposeful, sometimes, because sometimes we don't realize the full purpose (or Satan distracts you from seeing...). So it definately is a prayer determination, I guess :) ...I'll be thinking about your post, thanks for sharing. I think God is trying to tell me something!

Reflections said...

Remember too, that we are each wired differently. Sometimes an extrovert gains speed and energy as they spend time with people. The same schedule can exhaust an introvert. However, put an extrovert in a quiet place to meditate and they will soon a. fall asleep or b. start pacing the room c. start talking to the walls, d. go crazy. So we are each designed by the ONE who knows our purpose - to Glorify Him.

Norman & Joyce said...

Someone said, "The answer is always in the question."