Thursday, March 03, 2011

Visit Friend's New Apartment, Check!

This past week-end, I got to visit our friend and foreign affair worker's new house. (Number 11 on my "To Do List.") We had a very memorable time. One of our Chinese friends also got invited to her house, and I think in hindsight, that helped to balance the time for everyone. (i.e. when people didn't want to speak a foreign language, they could comfortably talk to another native speaker.) Our friend picked us up from the bus stop at about 3:30 in her husband's car (he was working the entire time). We first toured her apartment... then went on a lovely, leisurely stroll outside to see the neighborhood.

This is her bedroom. It's quite common to put large, framed wedding photos up around your apartment in China. Usually I can't recognize my friends in their wedding photos because of all the make-up and wigs.

This is her living room. It's nice and spacious. Amber and i are playing baseball on Fei's wii; I'm pitching and Amber's batting; she struck out. Also, notice more wedding photos on the far wall.
Our friend was a great hostess, preparing us traditional tea serving us a delicious fruit salad that even included star fruit and mayonnaise for dipping. Yummy!

The photos below is a space similar to a 3 season room or a porch. On their porch, they have a majong table, a traditional Chinese game played with four players, domino like playing pieces, and dice. And sometimes majong involves "small" cash.
A lot of the apartment complexes in her neighborhood looked a bit like Hollywood. We joked about how we felt like we were famous walking around among all the nice apartments.


Julie Hodges said...

This is in HY??? The buildings do not look like anything we saw when we were there.

Norman & Joyce said...

Nice apartment and nice setting.

Norman & Joyce said...

Great pitching form.