Friday, March 04, 2011

The Jobs you Will See

The Knife Sharpener

I want to write a couple of posts about unique jobs in China. Let me start with the "knife sharpener." This man's jobs is visiting various neighborhoods, carrying humble tools, shouting out "sharpen knives," and then sharpening people's kitchen knives.
I took advantage of this service the other day (as my knives have never been sharpened in their lives.) The process was surprisingly simple.
1. Walk down the stairs very slowly and carefully carrying dull knife.
2. Wait in line and hand him my knife (he knows what to do; I didn't even have to say anything.)
3. Watch as he turns a crank connected to a hockey-puck like stone and holds the knife's blade to the edge.
4. Watch some more as he uses force to push the knife sharply on another kind of flat stone.
5. Pay him 6 yuan (Chinese dollars) and smile politely.
6. Walk even more carefully back upstairs with sharp knife.
7. Take photo of sharp knife and start cutting vegetables with new vigor.

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Norman & Joyce said...

Walk VERY carefully up the stairs.