Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Hot Pot Party

Two week-ends ago, I threw a Birthday party for myself in China. I always miss the chance to celebrate my Birthday in China as it falls during our long Winter holiday. So, this year, nearly a month after my Birthday, I invited some friends to celebrate with me.

We went to eat hot-pot. A popular winter food in China where you order a variety of raw and uncooked foods like noodles, vegetables, slivers of meat, and dumplings. Then, you have a pot of boiling, flavored soup in front of you. The most common pot is divided into two parts (like a ying yang symbol). One side has incredibly spicy soup; the other side is milder with a slightly sweet taste. You the food into the pot allowing each item to cook the appropriate time before fishing it out into your bowl. It's not a fast meal; you have to sit and wait for foods to cook and you can't put too many things into the pot at one time.'

Our dear Chinese friend and boss bought me a couple of presents; a potently fragrant hyacinth plant and a long necklace with an old-fashioned quartered-size clock on it. She did a good job! I love both the presents.

After hot-pot, we headed to McDonald's to enjoy the chocolate cake my team-mate had made. We also ordered some ice cream and enjoyed the combination. Then, I walked home and played some Dutch Blitz with 3 of the girls from the party. What a beautiful Birthday party!


Norman & Joyce said...

Happy Birthday.

Drew and Rachel said...

nothing like celebrating your birthday two months later!

Drew and Rachel said...

well, one month really.