Monday, February 09, 2009

Fruitcake in a snack box

I love eating airplane food. I look forward to it in the same way I looked forward to milk break during Elementary school. It’s not that the food is that delicious. In fact, it often doesn’t have much flavor or it is dry, but it is the excitement of the unknown and the fact that they are giving you food for “free.” Recently, I was on a Thai Air flight. Thai Air is known for their posh treatment of guests. Even though the flight was only one hour long, they made sure that we had a sufficient snack /meal. As they started passing out the little purple box, I could see the excitement of the woman next to me. And sure enough, when she opened that box and saw fruit cake and fruit juice, she clapped her hands with joy. Now, I don’t make a habit of eating fruit cake. In fact, it eludes me why people even make fruit cake. But when it was given to me in the context of Thai air, it seemed better than a slice of chocolate mousse pie. I opened the package and begin to explore the mysteries within this fruit cake. I was happy to find some raisins, a few mystery gummy candies, and a few mint pieces. Not bad. I continued eating, awed at my own delight in fruit cake. Along with the fruit cake, our box also contained fruit juice, a mix of pineapple and orange juice and creamer and sugar for the coffee that the flight attendants were offering. It was great. Those Thai flight attendants no sooner had passed out the purple snack boxes, than were they circulating the aisles filling up people’s plastic mugs with tea or coffee. I opted for coffee and found that it complimented the fruit cake quite nicely.

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