Thursday, February 12, 2009

Hiking in Hong Kong

The travel saga continues. It's now the fourth week of travel, and I'm pretty ready to be at home, but I'm also really enjoying all the cool things I get to see and experience. Right now, 3 friends and I are staying in Hong Kong. Yesterday, we had a chance to go hiking on the cliffy banks that overlook the ocean. Despite the overcast skies, the hike itself was beautiful. Yesterday, there was some kind of senior citizen hiking club on the trails. So, there was a group of about 150 Hong Kong natives, all 60 years or older, hiking. About half of them had walking sticks and the other half didn't appear to need them. It was interesting trying to pass people who are hiking with their walking sticks though... I felt like I was trying to pass three legged's tricky to predict which step they'll choose. I was impressed though to see so many older people out on these trails; it was no simple hike, and the agility of these people was very impressive. And, some of the more sprite men were even passing us with apparent ease.

At the end of our hike, there was a beautiful beach with the sandy white sand that should be a requirement for all beaches. We sat at a little cafe that overlooked the beach and had a lunch. There was a cafe there with a lot of foreign entries on the menu. Three of us split a hawain pizza and a taco wrap. In a word, happiness. The taco wrap even had sour cream and guacamole...both ingredients that I can only dream about while living in China.

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