Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Why do people read blogs?

Here's a question worth asking: why do people read blogs?

Is it to stay in touch with a friend ?

Is it to read something interesting or encouraging for the day?

Is it to look at someone's photos?

Is it to have some new ideas to think about?

As I ask these questions, I am also asking myself what direction, (if any) I should take with this blog? It's hard to write without a focus and a purpose.  So with that (faithful few readers) I ask: why do you check out my blog? Please share in the comments below (or email is good too.)


Rachel Addington said...

YES to all four.

Portia said...

Thanks for the feedback Rachel. I guess another question I am asking myself is what my blog is not. It's definitely not a foodie blog or a fashion blog. More just a life blog.