Thursday, February 20, 2014

Conversations with Kindergarteners #2

Student: My mom has a lot of children.
Me: How many?
Student: She has 40 children.

Student: Teacher, your boots look like safari boots.
Me: Oh, they do?
Same Student 10 minutes later: Teacher, you look like a farmer today.
Me: Oh yeah, I guess I do.

Student: Teacher, I see your butt.
(For the record, it was not my butt; it was my back--that pesky gap of skin between one's pants and undershirt when one bends down to tie a shoe. Note to self--tuck in all under shirts in the future.)

Student: Clowns aren't real.
Me: Oh, they're not?
Student: Well, only the evil clowns aren't real, but the good clowns they are real. Is that true?
Me: Yes, I think that is true.
Student: Yeah I think so too.

Student while walking in the snow: It's Christmas cheese.

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