Saturday, February 22, 2014

A Chinese New Year's Superbowl Party!

How many parties can you fit into one event? Well, my friends packed a whopping three parties into one. Their invitations called it "The Perfect Storm" and the party was perfect indeed. The party was on Superbowl Sunday. It was also during Chinese New Year, and finally, it was the host's Birthday. Did I mention that it was also the couple's housewarming party? (I guess that makes 4 events packed into one.)

Rob and I went not knowing exactly what to expect since we know the couple but not many of their friends. We were in for a culinary treat though. My friend had one of her friends cooking Korean barbecue. She had also prepared an entire table of hot pot. Finally, there were delicious chocolates on the table, tiramisu, and birthday cake for desert. There was also a good selection of beverages and vegetables -- two of the staples of any good party.

At first, we all mingled happily upstairs. Pretty soon, the game came started, and the guy crowd all headed downstairs to the man cave. I stayed downstairs for about 15 minutes, but the Super Bowl was pretty disappointing. In the meantime, I could hear loud happy voices coming from upstairs--and the voices were speaking Chinese, and I could not help myself; I had to join them.

Upstairs, everyone was happily playing Jenga. But not just any Jenga: the loser of the game had to sing a song for everyone. (The pressure was on.) After that game got too intense, my friend made up a game. Yes, that's right--she made it up on the spot; she's amazing. The premise of the game? Each person around the table rolls the dice. The person who rolled the largest number asks the person who rolled the smallest number a question--a personal, intimate question mostly. For example, they asked me what was the most romantic gift that Rob ever gave me.  (I don't think Rob would appreciate it if I shared it on here.) Being with these friends, playing games, singing, and speaking Chinese filled my heart with such a fullness.

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