Thursday, February 27, 2014

Rice Cooker

I have never cooked so much in all my life as I have these past 6 months since getting married. Before getting married, I survived on "snack" meals-- popcorn and apples, instant noodles, granola and yogurt, cereal, eggs -- "snack" meals. But now that there are two people to feed, (and one of them is a 5'10" male) "snack" meals don't really cut it.  I do not mind cooking, and Rob never puts the pressure on me to cook, but when I get home about two hours earlier than him, it just seems the task quite naturally becomes mine.

So, I have been donning my chef's hat and getting creative in the kitchen. I have also developed a new appreciation for our rice cooker (a wedding gift from family friends.) I would even go so far to say that I love our rice cooker. Yes, sometimes it does seem to take a long time just to cook some rice, but the result is never disappointing.  It's a little bit ironic too because I hardly ever used my rice cooker in China except to make soup, and now I use one more than ever. Some of our favorite meals to have with rice include stir-fry, chicken curry, and Campbell's slow cooker meals.

Here are some great things I love about rice:
1. It's healthy.
2. It's cheap.
3. You can put it in the rice cooker and forget about it until it's done.
4. It smells delicious.
5. It can be repurposed -- fried rice, rice pudding, rice bread.
6. You can eat it with chopsticks.

What are some things you like about rice?

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