Sunday, March 02, 2014

Conversations with Kindergarteners #3

Student: Teacher, I'm hungry.
Me: Sorry, I don't have any food with me.
Student: Well, candy will work too.
Me: Sorry, I don't have that either.

Student (holding his broccoli:) Teacher, I got a tree.

Student: Do you live with your mom?
Me: No, I don't. My mom lives in another state.
Student: Can I live with you?
Me: No, sorry.

Student (on the 100th day of kindergarten): This is the best day ever.

Student: Teacher, I don't want any breakfast. I ate at home already.
Me: What did you eat?
Student: A sandwich.
Me: What kind of sandwich?
Student: A pickle sandwich.

Student: My brother got something stuck in his throat once.
Me: Did your mom help him to get it out?
Student: No, it's still stuck there.
Me: Really? Your brother in second grade?
Student: Yes, that's why he talks like this. . (student tilts chin down.)

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