Saturday, February 15, 2014

Conversations with Kindergarteners

The last two days of school, the teacher that I work alongside was sick.  The school tried to find a substitute teacher for her but was only able to find her one for the second day. Thankfully, the ESL teacher helped me out the first day staying with me the entire day and helping me navigate the waters. Still, it was a slight increase in stress levels knowing that we were pretty much responsible for the learning / survival of 21 little kindergarteners. But all in all, I believe that God really gave me peace and even joy in the midst of new situations that I didn't always know how to handle.

Here are some of the conversations I have had with kindergarteners in the last few days:

Boy: Teacher, he said the "F" word.
Me: What word did he say?
Boy: Shut up.

Boy: I'm going to poop in this bag.
Me: We don't say the word "poop" in school. That is a bathroom word used only in the bathroom.
Two days later the same boy: I'm going to poop on this castle.
Me: I have to move your name down now for saying "poop." Remember, those words are only for the bathroom.

Girl while eating chips at lunch: What are chips?
Me: Chips are a kind of junk food. Junk food means food that is not healthy for you.
Girl: I'm not going to eat my chips anymore.
Me: You have already finished the bag.
Girl: I know--but I'm not going to eat anymore.

Girl: Do you have babies.
Me: No--I don't have babies.
Girl: Why not? Is it because you're skinny?
Me: No--that has nothing to do with it.
Girl: But you're an adult?
Me: Yes, but just because someone is an adult, does not mean they have babies.

Boy after being told to have a time-out: I'm mad at you.
Me: I know--it's no fun to have a time-out, but you still need to do have one.
Boy: No--I'm not going to do it (as he walks over and sits in the time-out chair.)

Boy while eating lunch randomly looks up and says: Ah-wooo!
Me: Ibrahim--Why did you do that?
Boy: Teacher--I don't know.

Boy: Teacher--I'm moving to China.
Me: Wow--when are you moving to China.
Boy: Later.
Me: Are you moving this summer?
Boy: Yeah.
Me to Boys' dad: Your son told me he is moving to China.
Dad: No--he just likes China and wants to move there.

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Anonymous said...

Love it! It makes me laugh. Some adult conversations are almost as "deep" v