Monday, June 25, 2012

Fears, I have 10,000

Do you ever feel absolutely overcome by your fears?

Recently, I am so overcome by all these fears that all I want to do is avoid thinking about them for a day, a night, an hour.
I think all these fears have always lurked below the surface, but recently, I've had more alone time to think about them. I've also had a lot more opportunities recently, which easily lends itself to more worry.

I think it might be helpful to purge the fears here: 
1. Fear of being hurt in relationships. This is probably the top one for me right now. Wanting to trust, but feeling suspicious of all men (unless of course their last name is Strasser).
2. Fear of failing in my class. (What happened to super Literature student girl? Life beat her down, filled up her schedule, then made her super aloof.)
3. Fear of making a mistake in career choice. Isn't one mis-direction in a career choice enough for a life-time?
4. Fear of burn-out in said career choice.
5. Fear of never having a family.
6. Fear of having a family.
7. Fear of losing friends.
8. Fear of poor health (both for self and family).
9. Fear of getting in a car accident.
10. Fear of wheels falling off car.
11. Fear of car getting towed.
12. Fear of my super ghetto computer dying before I'm ready to buy a new one.
13. Fear of dehydration.
14. Fear of dying alone.
15. Fear of losing friends.
16. Fear of not doing a good job keeping up with current friends.
17. Fear of making new friends.
18. Fear of getting out of shape.
19. Fear of pushing people away.
20. Fear of being insincere.

And on and on the fears go.
Oh please sit, dear mind. Quit spinning. Do not worry. 


Anonymous said...

Oh my dear, you are a funny girl! Yes, I suppose we all have fears ~ and many of them irrational or improbable. "Casting all your care on Him knowing He cares for you." Are you not worth far more than a sparrow?

Love your candor.


Drew and Rachel said...

hey P,
speaking of 10,000
I'm reading a book right now
"one thousand gifts" by ann voskamp

you would LOVE it!

Norman & Joyce said...

Fear can also result in safety.