Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A New Blog. . .

Well, today was my first official day of  the "restoration" process. There was only one point when I started to get a little stressed out realizing I wouldn't finish all the tasks on my neon post-it note. But I said to myself, "Get a grip and take a pill; you are on vacation. You will not lose more hair today. You will not have that third drink of coffee to stay awake .You will go home and transfer task to tomorrow's sticky note." 

And I did.

And then I thought it would be relaxing to start another blog. . . so I did.

It's called "Joy in the Ordinary Life." It's going to be about some simple pleasures of everyday life that bring joy because honestly, I don't spend enough time really living in joy. And maybe, this blog will remind you of some of those joyful little things too. So welcome to check it out fellow readers. The first post is on cornbread, and I'm taking suggestions for more posts:

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Norman & Joyce said...

How about starting by watching
the movie "The Magic of Ordinary Days"?