Friday, May 18, 2012

Summer is coming. . .

Summer is coming. It's felt incredibly toasty here these past 2 days. I'm mostly inside, in poorly air circulated rooms. But, I'm not complaining about that. I'm happy to be here at the school, working with kids, learning more (about all subjects) everyday.

With the approaching summer vacation though, comes 2 possible months of unscheduled time. Today as I was thinking about it, I felt myself being propelled forward without any good plan: "I Need to get a job." But as I think about this more and more, I also feel really anxious. Along with my need to get a job, there are also a few other things I need to do: take 2 tests (driving and education), get more sleep, take two classes in Special Ed, contact my friends in China, visit my parents, visit my Grandma, visit my brother, and so on. If I look only at the time element, these things could all easily fit themselves into 2 weeks. But if I look at the emotional investment of them all put together, they span much longer.

Not to mention the possibility of doing some tutoring this summer, working at a summer Chinese camp at school, and doing some volunteering at the Chinese Center. So, is this my answer? An unscheduled mayhem of 2 months? Or, a jam packed 2 months where all the things I should / need to do get pushed back into the school year. Hmm, decisions. Any thoughts?

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Norman & Joyce said...

If the root of the word means, "to be empty, to be free,"
can you work both sides of the coin?