Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Let us Unite & Play Lazer Tag

This past week-end, some of us had a little Saturday night lazer tag event. I was partly responsible for arranging it. I posted an invite on facebook and let some of my friends know. The result? A group of about 16 of us from different walks of life, professions, and backgrounds united forces to try and take down the opposing team in a friendly fire game of lazer tag. 

We also enjoyed some miniature golfing as part of the packaged price. I was in a group with my friend from school and her cousins. We didn't take ourselves too seriously. Other people enjoyed the batting cages and video games. By the end of the night, I was beat and ready for bed (see previous post). But, the others were all feeling hungry so we did a late night run to Perkins. It was like we were in college all over again. There are 3 more such events planned for this summer. I'm looking forward to them because sometimes, it's just nice to pretend you're a kid again. 

(Wow, I really wish I knew how to flip the direction on this photo. Any ideas?)


Drew and Rachel said...

glad you made it out of their with your cardigan! creeps like to steal outer garments at laser tag joints ya know.

Norman & Joyce said...

Being a kid is not necessarily a matter of age.