Sunday, January 29, 2012

Oreos in China

When I lived in China, I ate a lot of oreo cookies. More so than I ever eat when I'm living in the States. Why the difference? Because in China, oreos are quick and easy comfort food. Because it's a little reminder of home. Because you can buy them with peanut butter or ice cream flavored middles. Because you can buy them as wafer sticks or even twists. The last 2 years, you could even buy them in wafer sticks that had a coffee flavored creme in the middle. Because you can buy a package of 8 for about $.50.
Ah yes, the oreo in China.
I had forgotten my appreciation for these little guys until my dad shared this article with me from NPR: Rethinking the Oreo For Chinese Consumers.
Check it out.


Drew and Rachel said...

we sent our families green tea, mango/orange and berry oreos for christmas! hopefully they thought it was fun and not too bizarre. one year drew sent the men family members some specialty preserved meat (which we have grown to acquired taste.) pretty sure it ended up being the 'fear factor' eating contest for a youth group. ok, no more mystery meats, oreos instead!!!

the standard size pack is 6 or 6.5 yuan around here, which is about USD$1.00. I guess the oreos were cheaper in Hengyang. :)

Norman & Joyce said...

An oreo with many faces is a good thing to accentuate the variety in our world.