Sunday, December 25, 2011

Over the River and through the Woods

Today for Christmas, we headed to Wilmot, SD to celebrate with my Aunt(s), Uncle(s), and cousins.

Ahh, sigh. There's nothing quite like driving in South Dakota, a breath of beautiful, clean air.

On the 3 hour trip, we stopped for gas at this great little shop near Watertown. Somebody insisted we get out and snap some senior photos.

Some of us were obviously naturals.

After we arrived in Wilmot, the guys went out shooting pigeons. (Note: they're not real pigeons; they look like frisbees and you throw them with an arm extension piece).

The guys all seemed really happy to be outside shooting their guns together. I was happy to be outside in the gorgeous weather with cool people.
Then, we had some nice time inside eating a delicious meal and talking.

It was such a fun day, and my only regret is that I couldn't have just 10 more minutes catching up with each person and that mom and I couldn't quite beat my cousins in ping pong. (But we're going to be practicing up for next year.)


Drew and Rachel said...

SHANE, usually I am all for long haired men. Drew had almost shoulder length hair in college and and I loved it. However, long hair paired with hat, plaid shirt and shot guns... I can hear Guns-n-Roses playing in the background. I guess it's sort of a nice edgy touch for 'Life from Here'. !!!


Norman & Joyce said...

Nothing beats good times in beautiful places with family. If ping pong doesn't work out, how's your aim with a shotgun?