Monday, December 26, 2011

The Pilot and Mr. Senator

This past fall, I've had the good fortune to be on a couple of dates. Each one has been unique, somewhat romantic (at least at the beginning) and incredibly insightful. And although these couple romance interests have ended somewhat anti-climatically (a.k.a. ambiguously and awkwardly), I have learned a thing or two.

1. Give the date a nick-name. The first one fittingly became known as "The Pilot" and the second one became Mr. Thune, named after his look-alike counterpart, our SD state senator John Thune. (A couple of my girlfriends had another name for Mr. Senator, but I prefer to keep it civil on here.)

2. Buy something special to remember the date. On the first date with Mr. Pilot, I bought a book as I waited for him (an hour) at the Garrison Keillor bookstore and coffeeshop. By the time he arrived, I was kind of immersed in my book, wishing he would have been just a little bit later. On my date with the Senator, I bought a beautiful navy scarf with flowers on it. Wearing it made me feel beautiful and youthful, (perhaps too youthful as I later discovered.) But still, I was very happy to have a scarf on that chilly evening.
Note: The purpose of the item is not to remember the guy so much as it is to remember the experience; what did you learn? how could you improve in your communication? what new place did you discover and so on?

3. Be willing to let the guy go when it becomes clear that he is not that into you or was just playing. Letting go might include deleting his phone number from your phone and forcing yourself to meet new people. It might also include indulging in the memory of some nice things he said to you and then immediately recalling some quirky and annoying things he said to you. It's okay to think about said date once in awhile, but then try to distract yourself AND whatever you do, do not contact him.

Yes, it has been a very insightful season. And in the words of my new room-mate, "We are like the fruit at the top of the tree. Any guy that is worth it, must climb up to the top to win us."

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Norman & Joyce said...

Great insights and ideas. Just remember, "The fruit is worth the effort and the right one to seek it will be evident and persevere."