Wednesday, October 05, 2011

The Art of Forgetting

I have one of those personalities that over-analyzes relationships. If only one could get inside my head for a bit, it might seem like I had a problem:
"If I do this, then they are likely thinking that what I really meant what this."
"Why did they say that? Are they being cryptic in trying to send me a message" or "If I don't smile at everything he says, he's going to think I'm uninterested" or maybe
"Why didn't they hang out with that friend last night; perhaps they are fighting. I bet they are upset at each other over X problem" and on and on the analyzing goes.

Aware of this unending processing, I have recently felt that a lot is to be said about the art of forgetting about relationships for a moment, turning off one's relational processor and just being. Yes, this is often best done after giving these speculations and worries to the Father but unfortunately for me, things don't simply disappear when I give them to Him...they still cycle around like clothes in a washing machine that's stuck on the spin cycle. So this week and week-end I have purposed it in my heart to practice the art of forgetting. To live in the moment for the relationships that are unfolding before me; not anticipating the future, not thinking about what's just transpired, being perfectly content and intentionally forgetful.

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Norman & Joyce said...

It is difficult to put the mind in neutral when it is speeding along.