Sunday, September 25, 2011

Random thoughts put together in a Post

Life has felt really busy and tiring recently. I blame my poor time management skills. I also blame working 40 hour work weeks, half of which happen before a lot of people are even out of their cozy beds for the day. As a result of my busy-ness and lack of sleep, I don't have some grand, comprehensive thoughts about life right now. But here are a few random thoughts that I've been kicking around on drives to and from work:

Ways to save money:
a. Wash your hair every other day. This way, your hair doesn't need conditioner (the natural oils suffice to keep your hair from getting dried out.)
b. Eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. The PB fills you up; the jelly makes you feel happy.
c. Get the smallest portion while eating out. It's usually only .50 cents difference or so, but it all adds up.
d. Drink less coffee (I haven't figured out how to do this yet but it seems like a good life goal.)
e. Instead of buying an air freshener for your car, use the little perfume samples that come in magazines and stick it in your car for a week or so. Amazing results.

Ways to make life interesting:
a. Save the good fortunes from inside fortune cookies then plant them in strategic places in your workplace or tuck them into library books; they might be inspiring to someone.
b. Take a different route to work. ( I do this somewhat unintentionally on a regular basis. What an interesting life I lead.)
c. Try talking to yourself in your second language.
d. Listen to a new style of music; you just might like it.
e. Write a letter to a friend instead of sending an email. (One of my friends has been rocking this.)
f. Try to use interesting and more academically challenging words. (The Addingtons are the inspiration on this one.)
g. Make up some new and interesting words and try to use them naturally in your conversations.
h. Play a new game.
i. Invent a new game. Teach people the rules, then play a round or two.
j. Wink at random people... use discretion.


Drew and Rachel said...

I know, sometimes when Dad Jon talks it seems like he's carefully crafted the rough draft in his head, consulted the dictionary and thesaurus, revised a couple times for maximum conciseness and precision -- then he says it! As a gurgling, spewing sewage type-talker, I admire him. :)

Portia said...

I really love talking with you Rachel, no matter your style. And I have never thought of your speech as "sewage"-like.

Norman & Joyce said...

Interesting ideas. Discreet, discover, discriminate, discredit, disdain, or perhaps even dishonor.