Saturday, September 03, 2011

State Fair Stuff

Today, my friend Kate and I went to the State Fair with a group of Chinese students. I was dreading it because I was afraid of crowds and getting lost (which I do quite frequently.) But luckily, our 2 groups refused to separate into the recommended 4 -5 persons and we kept it at 10 people with 2 group leaders, Kate and I. It seemed that everyone felt happy with this arrangement. No one got lost because they were following me, everyone got to meet more people, and Kate and I got to catch up with each other.

Highlights of the day? Perhaps watching our friend here milk a goat for $.50 or cheering on another student as he joined the milk drinking contest. After the fact, I remembered learning that many Chinese people are lactose intolerant. Well, this guy rapidly consumed 3 or 4 cartons of milk after he had eaten strawberry ice cream, and he was still able to participate the rest of the day...maybe it's a myth or maybe he has built up a tolerance.

The first snack purchase of the day, cheese curds. Oh man, soft, white cheese, amazingly light batter, fried to perfection.
Someone forgot to take their "I visited the Oink booth" crown off.
This amazingly awesome ribbon says, "I milked a goat today." We encouraged him to wear the ribbon to his first day of classes.

Roasted corn was a big hit. Many people in China eat corn like this everyday for breakfast so it probably tasted like comfort food to them.

We wanted to see the infamous huge pig at the fair. But what a bummer, it had gone home. We were all very upset and rolled around on the hay and poop covered floor in protest (yeah, maybe not.)

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Norman & Joyce said...

Comfort food indeed.