Wednesday, September 07, 2011

On Being Woman

Sometimes, I hate being a woman. I think too much; I analyze everything. I cannot turn my emotional / relational processor off. Recently especially, I have felt that the best kind of vacation would be one where I could escape my womanhood, to be completely wrapped up in some task and not allow my thoughts to drift for a moment to the relational.

And yet, here I sit...completely or mostly woman.

However, the other night, I did have a mental escape from myself. I attended a murder mystery dinner with a group of other 20, 30 somethings from the church I attend. The theme was a 1920's, Chicago mafia type scene. My character was MeMe Wannabe, and I was a matchmaker. Throughout the evening, I talked to people and tried to suggest they use my match-making services to find true love. My "husband" Don Wannabe and I were the hosts of the party. I think my husband was perhaps the most stoic, party-pooper I have ever met. Yet, our character information said that we were deeply in love. So, I continued to call him "honey" and "dear" and tell people we were deeply in love as he mostly avoided me and looked at me as though I were crazy. It was comical and not completely surprising to me; I would be matched with the one person who appears scared of women. But seriously, who could be scared of this?

Outfit breakdown: The Addington's had this white fur coat from the 1960's. I guess Louise's sister wore it to prom one year. The dress is a classic, black dress I've had since I was 19. The long pearls and the head piece were accessories I bought to help completely the look. And finally, the make-up was compliments of the Addington's 13 year old daughter. She did an excellent job; I hardly recognized myself underneath the coating of blue eye shadow.


Norman & Joyce said...

Quite the looker.

Drew and Rachel said...

YES!! oo la la.