Saturday, July 30, 2011

Small Town Auction

For all you team-mates and big city folk who have not seen a small town auction. I took this short video clip 2 weeks ago when I was at home in Freeman. The entire auction was quite a cultural experience for me. I'll explain more in upcoming post.

P.S. Tech help, please. Does anyone know how I can embed the video into blogger so people don't have to go to youtube to watch it?


Jenny - AKA - frogmama said...

if you have uploaded the video to youtube, you can click "share" and then the "embed" button.

copy the text information in the box that pops up and paste it in your blog entry at the place you want it, with spaces around it.

Walla - that should do it!

Portia said...

Okay Jenny. I'm going to try it. Here goes nothing. Thanks for the help.