Monday, August 01, 2011

Monday morning list

10 Things I think I know to Be True:

1. Sundays can be lonely or they can be amazing, but they are seldom simply ordinary.

2. People, (myself included) try to manipulate time by planning their lives according to it. Who is actually controlling what?

3. Job interviews can feel like standing in front of the mirror in your swimsuit.

4. Shopping at thrift stores allows you to help the world, or at least allows you to think you are helping the world.

5. Music is the language of the soul; listen in order to speak.

6. I might actually be able to financially sustain myself in this nation were it not for the stinking insurance. Who and when did it get decided that everyone needs insurance for everything?

7. Starting your day with cereal and prayer is a good idea.

8. You might think you are special but then you realize it’s only your parents who think so.

9. Friendships change; change with them or be lonely.

10. Life will always feel sad and happy in the same moment.

(Delicious German pastries that have changed the way I think about lard.)

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Norman & Joyce said...

We may have only one life to live, but we have infinite ones to imagine.