Thursday, December 30, 2010

Highs / Lows

What an up and down day it has been.

1. Lunch with Chinese friend who liked the quiche I made :)
2. The sun was out.
3. Students who rocked their spoken exam (an impromptu speech topic from semester)
4. I took a shower, felt fresh, and had good hair.
5. Receiving three Christmas cards in the mail.

1. Students who only realized there was a back side to the test when the time was up...
2. Being called by Ctrip agent who told me my Visa card was rejected after the ticket was already confirmed... "Have the block lifted on your credit card in the next 20 minutes or else..." (She didn't finish the threat.)
3. Student who cried after her spoken exam. (She did well on the exam; I'm a little bit at a loss with how to help this student.)
4. Not being interested in anything. Feeling particularly lethargic, cold, and alone.

5 High's, 4 Low's; I'll take it.

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