Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Student Gifts.

Students give some very interesting gifts to their foreign teacher for Christmas. Last year, the highlights of the gifts were a huge, overstuffed bear and some plastic high-heeled boots stuffed with orgami paper stars. This year, the highlights are as follows:

This gift was from a sophomore class. The gift itself is excellent in practicality. It's a box of Dove Chocolates, an apple (peace) and a silver drink container that will keep your tea or coffee hot.
This Michael Jackson pen holder was a gift from an individual student. She watched very expectantly as I opened it, and gave me a big smile when I pulled it out of the box. Yeah, I have no words to describe my thoughts on this one.

This gift came as a set. It looks like a little animal purse, but it's actually a carrier for an electric water heater bag to keep your hands warm. I have yet to use the "carrier."
And of course, this is the most common gift to give in China, the apple. In Chinese, the apple is called "ping guo" 苹果 which has a similar first character as the word for peace "ping an" 平安。In Chinese, the word for Christmas Eve is also "ping an ye" (Peaceful night). So, when people give you an apple on Christmas Eve, they are wishing you to have peace in the New Year.

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Mom said...

The apples remind me of what my mother tells me of Christmas when she was young. Each child had an old pie plate with their name filled with peanuts and fruit. Their one gift was close to their plate. Remember the sacks of goodies you kids always got on Christmas Eve after our programs? They had peanuts and apple!

I know someone who would really like that fun gift you received :)