Sunday, January 02, 2011

The Countdown Begins

The countdown has begun. I have about 10 days left before, Lord willing, I set my feet on American soil and see familiar Midwestern faces and dear family again. I am a little pumped up about it so I have started to count down the days until I go home.

But, I don't want to waste the time here by wishing it away. So, my countdown also has another purpose. It is meant to remind me that the days left of this semester are precious and few, therefore, I want to make each day meaningful and special in some way. This past week, I think I succeeded. Here's the list from last week. (Note, I only mentioned one or two meaningful events from each day...that is not to say that there were not more, but these were the most memorable ones.)

Monday: I went out with a team-mate and we just walked around, shopped, and ended the trip at Dairy Queen's. There were many laughs and good chats in that afternoon. (see their blog for details about DQ:

Tuesday: I went to the orphanage in the morning and made it a personal goal to hold as many babies and toddlers as possible. I think I held about 6 in less than 2 hours and helped feed about 3 of them. I also made myself stay at my team-mates' house after dinner and do the dishes.

Wednesday: I went to a former student's Birthday party and almost, almost felt like an insider.

Thursday: I made lunch for a dear Chinese friend and we had a nice chat. I also met another Chinese friend in the evening to study and share together.

Friday: I had a delightful breakfast and study with some students. I had lunch with most of my team at a delicious Northern food restaurant; we were all very hungry and had no trouble finishing all the food. And, I played card games with team-mates and their friends in the evening and kicked some butt in Dutch Blitz. (This was a very good day!)

Saturday: A few team-mates and I had lunch with our FAO and friend. She's a peer, and she's so fun and bubbly. I don't think I have ever seen her in a bad mood. Caroline and I also went to get massages and the blind masseuse asked if we were from the Southern most part of China...aka, he didn't assume we were foreigners.

Sunday: I had a lovely phone call with a Chinese friend that I have not spoken to for awhile. And bonus, team-mate and I made grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch so we didn't have to go out. Finally, I successfully bought train ticket for the 10th of January that will put me right where I need to be by the 11th. The countdown continues..

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