Thursday, June 03, 2010

Happy Birthday Bro!

Tomorrow, my eldest brother celebrates his 30 something Birthday. I'm so thankful for his life and his friendship. Exactly two years ago at this time, my brother was visiting me in China. We went to Beijing and Hengyang, and he loved it. You can imagine that my students and friends loved having him visit too. (Can I just say that in this picture, I was going through a fashion slump that I later coined "completely homesick and bad Chinese haircut.")

Exactly one year ago, my brother married a beautiful woman named Joy. I'm so thankful to now not only have a great brother, but also an amazing sister.

This year, my brother is a family man with the addition of their little baby girl Kenzie Grace. Today, I miss my brother and all the fun times we shared growing up, but I'm celebrating with him in spirit. I'm thankful for his family and for the way that he will continue to shape lives.

In closing, I don't think my brother reads this blog, so I could take this chance to write something embarrassing about him, but I'll be nice.


Norman & Joyce said...

Family times and memories are special.

Joy said...

that is not true...i check it out!!


Joy said...

Thank you for the nice post, Portia. I too feel very lucky to have you for a sister and can't wait to introduce you to your niece!