Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I am a Snob.

I am a snob.
It might be hard to believe that friendly, smiley Portia could be considered a snob, but it’s true. Mostly these moments of snobbery and rudeness happen on trains or in the supermarket. I feel a little guilty about it, so I will confront it here to ease my conscience a bit. It happens when a stranger rudely says “hello” in the middle of my conversation with someone else. It rears its ugly head when the boy next to me wants to spend the entire train ride talking about trivial topics he has recently studied in English. It happens when I’m approached in our school’s neighborhood by a random student who seems so surprised to meet foreign teachers and persists to ask us his questions about Toefel exams. It happens when a stranger follows me off the bus and asks me if they can accompany me to buy groceries. Strange, don’t people realize that these are strange and a little forward behaviors?

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