Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Home-town Snack

About one month ago, one of my former students excitedly called me up: "I'm back from my home-town, and I've brought some local snacks for you." "Sweet!" I think; I love snacks. But, when she gives me a bag of raw sausage and smoked meat, I feel slightly less excited. As she explains to me how to prepare the meat, my eyes glaze over: "Why don't you come over to help me cook it, and we can eat it together." Her eyes brighten and the date is set.

As soon as we start to cook the meat, I know it's going to be a difficult dinner for me. The "meat" is like a ying yang of equal parts fat and meat. The special sausage that you see in the picture, reminds me of fingers. I did my best to eat the "meat" and the sausage, but there are some dining experiences that I don't hope to relive anytime soon.

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