Thursday, January 07, 2010

A New Year's Extravaganza Performance

This year, to welcome in the New Year, our school had a New Year's performance...a two and a half hour performance. On a cold evening, attending a performance in a big, drafty auditorium would not be my first choice, but I had at least 3 classes of sophomore students that had worked hard preparing skits and dances for this performance, and I was honored that they invited me to attend the New Year's performances. They really did an amazing job.

Here's one of the performances. This student is lip-sinking (he's also the class monitor) while some of his classmates are dancing around behind him.

A teacher friend and me at the performance...I shared my blanket with her as we enjoyed the show.

A student and me...she played a beautiful maiden in a small skit. She has the "beautiful maiden" role down. She held her hands high and curved by her shoulders and spoke with a high, winy voice.

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