Saturday, November 07, 2009


Recently, we have been busy with visitors. There have been two types of visitors here in Hengyang. The first type, have been visitors with our company. Leaders, PA, RC, and former team-mates. Each week has been full. I find a night at home more awkward than refreshing, and then I see the big pile of laundry, the dust accumulating in the corners of the tile floor, and the smell from the fridge. Although I like visitors, I am starting to miss hanging out with my team and relaxing. I love reading; it relaxes me and helps me to feel that the world is an okay place. However, recently, there has been little time for relaxing.

The second type of visitors we have had in Hengyang have been investors from Taiwan. As a result of their visits, Hengyang has undergone a “civilization” transformation. Unfortunately, the transformation is only surface deep. The bus drivers, who would formerly sometimes roll their shirts up over their bellies and wear house shoes to drive the bus, are now wearing suit and tie. They are also not chewing beetle nut (a mild narcotic with similar effects as chewing tobacco). Yesterday, I noticed at least two homeless people wearing long black robes / coats. I wouldn’t have noticed they were homeless had I not passed them on the sidewalk. But driving by in a car, a person probably wouldn’t notice they are homeless. I assume the robes are charity from the leaders of the city who are trying to hide the down-trodden in Hengyang.

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