Saturday, November 07, 2009


It's official; the virus has hit our campus. I'm not so scared, but the increasing number of students wearing masks is starting to remind me of being in some Science Fiction end of the world flick. As of yesterday, the number of confirmed cases on our campus was three. Perhaps one of these students is mine.

I have a student who comes to about 3 of my 5 office times. This past Friday, she didn't show up. I thought it was strange, but I just figured that the winds had changed, and perhaps it was no longer popular to visit the foreign teacher. However, I received a phone call from this student's friend who said that the student could not leave her dorm room because one of her room-mates was sick. Because room-mates are usually class-mates on our campus, it's likely that this student is also a student in one of my classes. Perhaps it's the same student who asked to leave the class this past Monday because of pink-eye.

I'm not scared about getting sick, but my heart goes out to the two moms on our team. If I had a baby, I think I would be more paranoid. Especially since so many people here go up to the baby, touch their hands, their cheeks, their hair; it's unavoidable.

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stacey said...

It's hard having a baby and a preschooler...I try to not freak out, but still I worry. Why does everyone insist on touching my baby? Please, keep your hands to yourself!