Saturday, June 20, 2009

At home...

The past 2 weeks have been spent in rural South Dakota. I really love my home town and most of the things that go with it. My mom asked me the other day if sometimes it seems like nothing changes. I hesitated to answer. In a way, things never change...the "cool kids" change every year. The High Schoolers get younger and younger. People update their yards, paint their walls, or buy boats. There is a new crop of guys who drive around with their base blaring from the bowels of their cars. There are bleach blonde teenie boppers frequenting the popular hang-out, Ampride. There are visiters at fellowship. They are introduced by stating who they are related to or what other Mennonite town they are from. Yes--some things don't change. My parents are still the most amaznig host and hostess I've ever met. They still like going for bike rides or walks in the evening. Family friends still seem excited to have company or be the company. We still rent movies at the local convenience store. The topic of conversation around the town is still who recently had a baby, got a divorce, or lost their job. Although things don't change much, they do change. A family friend has cancer, a family from the community moved to the big city, a business closed or changed ownership. These small changes remind me I have been absent. . not fully away but not completely here. If home is where the heart is, I'm not sure where my heart is. Is it here in this small town? In this comfortable house with dad and mom, and family friends? Or is it across the ocean with my friends who will eat rice, garlic, pepper, and tofu tonight. With my friends who will remind me to watch my health and go walking after supper.

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