Saturday, May 23, 2009

A New Friend

So--for a little over a week now, all blogger websites have been blocked in China. Unfortunately, that means I haven't had a chance until today to post or check other peoples blogs. I also realized that the most recent blog I wrote was a little bit of a downer. So here's an upper:
This week has been an amazing one. Even though I only have about 12 days before I head home for three weeks, I'm seeing doors of friendship open up all around. Most recently, it's been with a worker at a bubble tea stand. Her name is Hope, and I think her name becomes her. She befriended me one day when I stopped there to buy a drink. She's also interested in English, but isn't at the English "leech" level as we refer to a certain type of over-ambitious language student. She simply knows a few English phrases and will somewhat awkwardly say them out loud before reverting back to Chinese.
The first day we talked, she asked me my English name. I told her and spelled it out for her. Then, on a piece of paper she wrote, "Hope and Portia is good friends." I smile and pointed out the mistake but tried to let her know that she was doing a great job. Yesterday, I stopped and talked with her for awhile again. Everyday, she works approx.12 hours. She said she just has to stand there and is not supposed to read, listen to music, or watch TV. Can you imagine 12 hours of this? She also told me yesterday that she doesn't really have any close friends. We talked about friendship for awhile, and I promised her I'd stop and talk again soon. I'm thinking about Hope today and wondering if I should pay her a visit.

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