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The Secret Language of New Moms

The Secret Language of New Moms
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We’ve been parents now for a little over two months (now almost a year). It feels like the fogginess of sleep deprivation has started to lift, and I’m just now feeling whole enough to write again. One of the things I have wanted to share is the meaning behind what new moms are saying. I’ve found that even moms of older children (been there, done that moms) seem to forget the shock that is new parenthood.
I can only write from my experience, and I don’t expect that all first-time moms have the exact same feelings.  But from talking to other first-time moms, I think it’s safe to say that some of these feelings are universal.

1. Hey, baby and I are just hanging out at home tonight and could use some company. Wanna come over? Translation: I’m too proud to say it outright, but it’s been a hard day, and I think I’m going to lose it. PLEASE come over!

2. Being a new parent has been tough / challenging / difficult.
Translation: I’m really barely making it. I have already cried two times today and peed myself once when I sneezed. When will I feel normal again and be able to carry on a normal conversation?

3. Breast-feeding has been a challenge.
Translation: I have already had a breast infection, plugged ducts, and low milk supply. Baby and I have visited the lactation consultant about 4 times in one month and if you suggest another supplement that I’m not already taking that helped someone else you know, I am going to scream.

4. We think he’s pretty cute. / We may be biased, but we think he’s pretty cute.
Translation: We think he is the most beautiful baby in the world.

5. Being a mother brings me so much joy.
Translation: Being a mom is really an amazing feeling. You cannot explain the love you have for your child. It flows out of you and grows everyday, and you would make all the same sacrifices ten times over for your little one.

6. I’m so in love.
Translation: Remember when you were falling in love with your your significant other? It feels like that only it happens instantaneously when you see your baby’s face. You feel so vulnerable like your heart could break at any moment because it’s so overwhelmed with emotion.

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