Saturday, November 15, 2014

Conversations with Kindergarteners: the new Rock Star look

The Kindergarten students have been at it again, saying adoreable things all month long. This week, however, was actually pretty tiring though due to the newly fallen snow and the additional time it takes the students to get ready whenever we go outside(cue 20 minutes of zipping up coats, tugging on mittens, and wrapping scarves tight around little noses.) It has tried my patience a bit; I get upset when the little ones just use the time as social hour and chat happily by their cubbies without actually doing anything to get ready. However, deep breaths and random, made-up songs help me stay calm(er).

But all frustration aside, this week has also had its gem moments. The other day, we were sitting on the floor in small groups and one student who was standing up (at an angle looking down at my head) said, "Teacher, why do you have white in your hair."
Another student chimed in, "Are you trying to be a rock star?"
"How did you know?" I asked as I looked at her with big, surprised eyes. "I'll let you all look at the colors in my hair once we finish sharing our stories." (I think it's time to touch up those roots.)

During breakfast time, one student came up to me and said "Angie called me Nasty."
I went over to Angie with stern eyes and said, "Angie-- is that true?"
 Angie looked at me with a concerned face and said, "No, I said 'You're so cute.'"
Quick thinking Angie. However, I knew that Angie had likely said these words, so I did talk to her more about using nice, kind words.

This week, a few students had to get some extra practice walking in line outside. I had a group of four students and we walked past a teacher from our school.
"I like Ms. Bender" said one student after we had passed her.
Another student chirped in, "I like Ms. Johnson.
The third student responded, "I like ice cream."

At lunch time, we eat with the students at their tables and supervise them. By this time, I have just finished the intense activities of helping them get all their winter things on, and herded them in their line order to lunch. I have also made sure that everyone at our table has a chair, silverware, and milk. By the time I finally sit down in my own chair to begin eating, I am exhausted and extremely hungry. I inhale my food quickly. However, the students are quite chatty and want to discuss what they are eating and wether or not they like it. One particular boy (who may just be my favorite) needs a lot of affirmation. He also really likes saying my name. But sometimes, I just ignore him so I can eat my food. The other day at the table, I heard a sing-songy voice say, "Mrs. Tebandeke, you're not listening."
 I looked up at him, shook myself out of the funk, and said "Oh, oh sorry. I'm listening now Abdullahi."
"This corn dog is really good."
"Oh, I'm glad you like it."

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