Monday, September 22, 2014

So Now What?

Alright, I know my last post wasn't exactly the most uplifting. But, I am trying not to hang my head about my job situation. And just to clarify, although I feel like it is a depressing situation, I am not depressed. Big difference. I am still able to find joy in the day to day activities of life. I am blessed to have amazing friends, a loving husband, supportive parents, a safe place to call home. I am truly blessed. But I am still not content to stay here.

 In my quest to find out my career in life, I have started to read two books. The first one is START by Jon Acuff. The subtitle is Punch Fear in the Face, Escape Average, Do Work that Matters. So I am trying to wake up early every morning to have quiet time and do a little bit of guided journaling about bridging the gap between my dreams and my reality.

 The second book I have started to read is called Strengthfinders. I know that I have strengths and that these are tied to what I enjoy and what career path I should be walking down.

I am also committed to blogging more. Not to see how many people comment or read my blog, but to keep myself accountable by sharing my journey with a few more people. I have also discovered that I am not alone and that some of my friends struggle with this same career thing. And finally, I have decided to blog more because I simply love to write. I love to see how clear my thoughts become when I put them to paper. I write because it helps me breath and taste life more fully.

So that's what I have decided to do to get unstuck. Wake up early, read more, write more, and pray continuously! I don't want to simply change jobs in hopes of discovering where I am going. I want to move with a clear purpose when God tells me "Now."

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