Friday, May 30, 2014

And now I can write again. . .

This past month taking a break from blogging has been refreshing for my soul. I have learned that my identity is not attached to whether people are reading what I write or not. I have learned that free time spent reading a book or praying completely refreshes me in a different way.  And now I feel free to write again and have even been itching to do so.

This past few weeks especially, the kids have been saying some pretty endearing things. The other day, we were walking to the playground when they noticed that there was an American flag on one of the balconies of a nearby apartment. 
"Is that where President Obama lives?" one asked. 
"No." I responded. "He doesn't even live in Minnesota. He lives in another state in a big house." 
"A white house" one girl responded knowingly. 
"Yes, that's right. A big white house," I confirmed.

And of course there have been other countless dear conversations with these students. With only three school days left, the semester is winding to a close. This class has been challenging and yet I will sincerely miss them next year when they graduate to first grade. 

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